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Little blue help maps
Little blue help maps

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To access a digital version of our map please visit: Bennington Vermont Help Map

You may also add or update your organization’s information here: Community Help Assets for Bennington Vermont

It is legitimately hard to see the forest through the trees. While we have many organizations dedicated to helping people, it is not that easy for the people we are trying to help to navigate their way through a complicated web of government agencies, church food pantries, housing organizations, affordable health care and the list goes on and on.

Through conversations with people in Bennington, Vermont who are homeless, we discussed that there was a need for a list of what services are available in our area. The Bennington Free Clinic, food pantries and more. These little blue help maps are a way to find services along with a digital map that can be easily updated.

While this is a current project that I am excited about, I also do the following work on a freelance basis (at this time)

I use art and story for creative placemaking projects through threshold collaborative

Some of my methods are, (but not limited to) the following:

1. branding and hand carved stamps for stickers, tshirts and logos

2. Photography & social media strategies: check out my insta.gram, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

3. Book design and layout, a picture is worth, Threshold Collaborative's Storygathering Toolkit, Groundswell's Mixtape.

4. DIY websites, I tutor you to be self sufficient

(yeah it's not for everyone)

5. Make the world a better place, as much as possible. spread the luv.